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Pattee Canyon Trail in Missoula

Thursday, September 7, 10:00am – 3:30pm
Level 2 & 3: Moderate to Challenging depending on the length.
Time: 1-2 hours round trip to 6 hours round trip
Distance: 2 - 8 miles
Elevation gain: 1,578 feet
Meet at Trailhead
Bring water, good hiking shoes, snacks and lunch
Leader: Amanda

About Pattee Canyon

Great trail with diverse surroundings including rolling hills, winding forest trails and beautiful views. The Nez Perce and Salish once traveled through this area to avoid Blackfeet attacks in nearly Hellgate Canyon. The recreation area has pleasant picnic grounds shaded by large ponderosa pines and well- developed network of foot, horse, and bicycle trails.

From Interstate 90 in Missoula, take the Orange Street exit #104 and travel south. Turn left onto West Front Street and go 0.2 miles to South Higgins Avenue, then turn right. Continue on South Higgins Avenue for about 2.7 miles to Pattee Canyon Road, then turn left. On Pattee Canyon Road, travel 4 miles heading (east) up the canyon. Look for the Pattee Canyon Picnic Area sign and entrance.

Pattie Canyon.jpg
Pattie Canyon.jpg
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